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About Our School
  • Master Govardhan Patnaik of Smt. Godavari Devi Saraf Senior Secondary School won a bronze medal in the 55kg category of Under-14 in wrestling at the state level school games conducted in Krishna District. He and his coaches Mr. B.V.S.R. Murthy and Mr. K. Jagadeesh were appreciated by the joint director of FACOR Alloys Ltd. Mr. Arnav Saraf, Secretary & Correspondent of Shreeram Vidypeeth Sri K.V.S.S.N. Murty and the school Principal Sri B. Ravi.
  • Master N. Ananth of SGS High School won a bronze medal in the 51kg category in wrestling competition conducted by Amateur Wrestling Association in Cuddapah district. He was congratulated by Sri B. Ravi, Principal, PET’s Mr. B.V.S.R. Murthy & Mr. K. Jagadeesh, Sri Arnav Saraf, Joint Director, FACOR Alloys Ltd, Mr. K.V.S.S.N. Murty, Secretary & Correspondent and the staff of SGS j High School.
  • Three students of Smt. Godavari Devi Saraf Senior Secondary School were selected for the inter district cricket matches to be held in ACA Stadium, Vizianagaram from 09-11th of February 2017. Master B.G.S.R. Patnaik, Master B.G.S. Trishi and Master R. Surendra Naidu will play for Vizianagaram team said Mr. B.Ravi, Principal, SGS High School, Mr. Arnav Saraf, Founder of SGS Cricket Academy, Mr. K.V.S.S.N. Murty, Correspondent and the coaches Mr. Murthy and Mr. Surendra have expressed their happiness and wished them good luck.
  • Three students from SGS Cricket Academy of Smt. Godavari Devi Saraf Senior Secondary School have been selected for Under-14 inter district cricket competition. Master T. Vinay, Master M.Jagadeesh and Master R. Surendra Naidu along with Master Shyam Srinivas (extra player) were congratulated by all.
  • In order to search for the hidden talents of the rural youth, Cricket India Academy is going to play a vital role said Mr. K.V.S.S.N. Murty, FACOR G.M & Secretary & Correspondent of Shreeram Vidyapeeth in the inaugural function of SGS Cricket Academy. He said all children must join CIA in order to improve talent. Interested candidates can contact the Principal said Mr. Dhavala Narasingham. Other dignitaries present were Mr. L.N. Murthy, AGM, FACOR Alloys Ltd, Mr. Kamalakar Rao, Mr. N.S.S. Ramarao, academy coach Mr. Murthy and Mr. Abhishek, G.M SEDIL.
  • In order to bring out the hidden talents of the students and shape theminto great player SGS Cricket Academy has been established said Mrs. Promila Saraf,W/o. of Sri R.K. Saraf, founder of Smt. Godavari Devi Saraf Senior Secondary School. She was speaking on the occasion of certification ceremony of SGS Cricket Academy. The Vice President of the school Sri Arnav Saraf called for the interacted students to utilise the facilities available in the academy and flourish in sports & games. The other guests present were Sri Abhishek Shekhawath, M.D, SEDIL, Mumbaim Mr. Ankhit Dhamani, Mansas Cricket Academy Chairman Sri M. Vasudevarao and Mr. B. Ravi, Principal, SGS High School. Students from rural background having interest in cricket can utilise the services of SGS Cricket Academy in order to farewell in cricket said Mr. Arnav Saraf, founder, SGS Cricket Academy. He was speaking on the occasion of the anniversary celebrations of the academy. In this occasion, prizes and certificates were given to those students who successfully completed one year of training in cricket.